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Are you experiencing a life transition - or hoping to? Life coaching can help you discern what is important to you, find focus, and plan the steps you need to be fulfilled. 

In the coaching process we address  specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in your personal life, relationships or profession. We look at your present situation and consider your obstacles or challenges, so you can make good conscious decisions.

Traditionally, life coaching sessions are held over the phone once a week, sometimes with supplemental email contacts.  You can fit them into your day, from work, home, or on the road. When you have reached your goal, you can choose to address another one. Of course, you can stop at any time. 

Like many life coaches, I offer a free consultation, to make sure that I can address  your needs and personal style. All communications are completely confidential. 

​Throughout my life, I have tried to grow in many areas. I am an artist, performer, social worker, certified life coach and retired Unitarian  Universalist minister. I can guide you through to new depths, whether in work, relationships, spirituality, health, or creativity. I received my training from the Fowler-Wainright Life Coaching School. I offer reasonable rates on a sliding scale.

Sometimes, we just need more structure!

Life Coaching

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Rev. Alison Hyder

MDiv, LICSW,  

Certified Life Coach, Fowler-Wainright School

  1. ​​1   Wesurvey your strengths and needs in  all aspects of your life:   work . relationships . health .  creativity  . money . spirituality . service . more...
  2. 2  We focus on the areas where you want to grow and increase fulfillment.
  3. 3    We create goals and the practical steps you need to achieve them.
  4. ​4    You  find greater life satisfaction.

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